3 Pakistani Dramas Telling Emotionally Stirring Family Stories

The relationships between people have always been in the core of successful Pakistani dramas. When a show is about the relationships in a family, things get even more dramatic and interesting for the audience. Check out some of the latest and greatest Pakistani shows, which revolve around families, the bonds in them and the challenges which their members have to go through in order to remain together.


This one of the fascinating Pakistani dramas focuses on how the twists and turns of fate can affect a previously happy family. The story revolves around a happily married couple that finally gets a son. Unfortunately, the mother passes away and the family harmony is ruined. Things become difficult for the boy, who is used to getting pampered, and his father, who decides to remarry. It is certainly interesting to follow how everyone and especially the son will cope with the changes.


This TV series tells the story of a young girl, Iqra, who gets married and has to fit into a new family and to a new society. She comes from a conservative family. She is very shy and modest. When things  Dramacool get difficult for her, she has to go through a major transformation to overcome the challenges in front of her. Of course, she is just one of the interesting members of the family. It is certainly more than intriguing to see how the different characters evolve over time. There is a lot of drama in this show so you would not want to miss it.


You will certainly shed at least a few tears while watching this, one of the most recent Pakistani dramas. It tells the story of a young woman, Maliha, who marries an older man in order to support her sisters and brother. Despite her dedication to her family, they blame her for stealing the business of their late father. She tries to start over at her lover’s company, but this does not end well either. She finally realizes that she cannot live the life that she wants unless the social norms change. This is a great story showing how a family can fall apart because of greed and misinterpretation of true values. It is entertaining to follow and offers some good lessons too.

Now that you have made up your mind about the Pakistani dramas which you will watch, you can finally relax and sit in front of the TV. If you miss an episode, you can always watch it online later on.


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