Airfryer – No Fat Needed

Airfryers are not brand new, but the latest model from Philips with the HD9220, has become a popular feature in any kitchen. It comes in black and is simple to use and clean by pulling out the draw, which you simply put in your dishwasher.


Airfryers function by moving extremely hot air around food, and don’t require oil or fat. It is possible to add a tiny amount of flavor should you want, however typically, it’s is only a teaspoon. They are perfect for any and anyone who loves delicious healthy and nutritious food.


They are especially useful for people who count the calories. Calorie counting and dieting can be difficult and can often exclude all fried foods, simply because of the way they are prepared. Airfryers don’t only Ninja DT201 and DT251 air fryer comparison  serve for chips! Every kind of food such as pineapple pieces, chicken bits or even chicken pieces, can be cooked this manner. The only limit can be your own imagination.


The air filter makes sure that there aren’t any nasty cooking smells around the home. They’re practical and easy to clean, and are a an excellent accessory to any kitchen.


For comparison, there is the Tefal Actifry. This is an older model of the airfryer however the cooking process is identical. The fryer has been available for some time and is very well-known by its name. The main distinction between these two fryers is that the former is equipped with a moving paddle inside the fryer to keep food moving in a uniform way. There are many advantages for this technique, but there are disadvantages, for instance, when cooking coated food items, they may be moving too much, and they may lose the coating.

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