How to Quit Smoking Weed – Social Consequence

One of the issues that confound people trying to find out how to quit smoking weed without relapsing is that there are often social consequences they are not prepared for or that they are prepared for but are terrified of making quitting a paralyzing choice.

Some may scoff at this but for many the social aspect to smoking pot is a major part of their lives and quitting can cause problems with friends and family alike. After all, our social connections are one of the biggest parts of our lives and how we view ourselves, determines our self esteem and many other effects on a persons psyche which may be quite fragile when trying to get rid of an addiction to marijuana.

However, like it or not if you with to change your life and not be addicted to weed you must face these consequences. Some of the common ones are:

Fear of losing friends
Fear of alienating yourself from family if they also smoke
Fear of ridicule gras online kaufen 
Fear of CHANGE
Many marijuana smokers are social smokers and often after a long period only have pot-head friends who are often still in love with marijuana making this one of the biggest problems. One piece of advice that I can give is that you MUST tell them you are going to quit, holding back out of fear of ridicule or anger at your choice will only make matters worse. HOW you reveal this is the most important thing to do and if done right can often allow you to keep your friends and often may gain you a quitting partner!

First make sure you do not do this flippantly but neither should you make this something overly serious. Second when you tell them you must make sure you do not blame marijuana for your problems. Thirdly you must not blame THEM for any part of your addiction problems. Lastly you must always make sure the emphasis is that this is your choice for your own health and well being and that you respect their choice too.

All this is because pot smokers may feel that you are snubbing them or looking down upon them which they get enough from the rest of society. By making your choice to quit smoking weed a personal choice without any hint of disrespect hopefully your real friends will understand.

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