How To Write Great Articles – 3 Critical Ingredients To Article Marketing Magic

Who else is trying to write great articles but simply can’t seem to get the knack for it? Do you inherently recognize that article marketing could take your online income into the stratosphere, but simply can’t come up with a scalable system to make it happen? If you said yes…the simple truth is that you are not alone. Most people struggle to craft killer content that converts like crazy, and unfortunately can’t rely on their good looks alone to get readers like me.

So what are the critical ingredients to generate a boatload of backsides to just about any site, service, product or offer you want to promote?

Here are my 3 simple secrets…and after writing more than 5,000 articles that have generated many millions of readers, I’m happy to share them with you for free below…

Ingredient #1: Titillate With Your Titles

I like long, verbose titles, and I find that they will almost always outperform shorter, concise titles in the search engines. Why? Because they stand out for one…and for TWO, you can use 2 sets of important keywords in each one, like above…which doubles your chances of ranking well in the search results. (“write great articles” and “article marketing magic”)

Ingredient #2: Reward With your Resource Box

In other words, give something away. NEVER write about yourself, your awards, your bio, your mother, your car or have a picture of yourself in a tank top and sun glasses. (even if you’ve got great big guns like I do) Why? People ONLY really care about getting something of value for free when they click through, and learning more about you doesn’t count as one of those things.

Ingredient #3: Quantity Counts!

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I write pay for essay reddit a lot…and I write fast. 325-400 words. Keep your articles in short, concise and consumable bites, and people will READ more, understand more and be FAR more interested in what you have to offer than long essays that bore everyone to tears! (even if they are interested in the topic…keeping it short is the KEY to keeping them engaged with your point of view)


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