Learn How to Drive Web Traffic – And the World Will Beat a Path to Your Door

On the Web as in life, you need more than a better mousetrap to get the world to beat a path to your door.

You can have the best product ever invented … the most brilliant product ladder every structured … the most compelling sales copy ever written … the most inviting sales pages ever designed … and the slickest shopping cart ever engineered …

… But nothing will happen until someone clicks a link and winds up on your website.

No doubt about it: For entrepreneurs and business owners, knowing how to drive copious numbers of prospects to your website is like having the combination to the richest bank vault on the planet.

And if you’re a copywriter or marketing pro, knowing how to drive web traffic can make you worth your weight in gold.

Why? Because having the skill set to drive web traffic is like owning your own tollbooth on the Web – you can just sit there and collect money for every click and conversion you create.

How much can you make? A LOT! Right now, Yahoo! and Google are the Internet’s two largest toll booths and it’s no coincidence that they’re also two of the richest businesses anywhere.

Want proof? Take a gander at this: In September, 2004, you could have bought all the Google stock you wanted for just $100 a share. Today, that same stock is worth more than FIVE TIMES more!

Why? Because every 12 months, Google rakes in a staggering $10.6 billion (nearly eleven thousand million dollars!) – mostly for sending traffic to other people’s websites!

So if you want your stock to rise … if you want to rake in huge bucks … the best thing you can possibly do today is this: Learn how to drive web traffic!


I figure at least 30 million folks should be reading my ezine, The Total Package, every day. Heck. There are 25 million small businesses in the U.S. alone. Throw in a few million more marketing folk, copywriters and designers – and a few more million business opportunity seekers – and that 30 million’s a slam dunk.

Furthermore, I calculate that if I could just get all 30 million of the folks who would profit from The Total Package to read our opt-in page just once, at least half would sign up. I mean, why not – it’s free, right?

That would give us 15 million subscribers. And since the average Total Package reader spends $6 with us every month, that would make us nearly a $1 billion company.

Now this may surprise you; but even เว็บตรง though we’ve been doing this for two whole years now, we do NOT have 15 million subscribers.

In truth, the vast majority of our target market still doesn’t have a clue we’re here for them.

… Yet.

It’s my fault. I insisted that we spend the last 24 months focusing almost exclusively on the back end: Building our site and online store, adding reams of valuable content and creating world-class products to help you get bigger winners, more often.

Lucky for us, thousands of good folks found us anyway. Most by word of mouth, a handful through various affiliate and joint venture arrangements and a tiny trickle through some pay-per-click stuff we did (badly) back in 2005.

But now that we’ve built our house and have tidied up, it’s time to begin inviting those 30 million prospects over to check the place out.

To do that, we need to begin attracting BIG traffic – and to begin investing BIG money to do it. Because one of the most valuable things we’ve learned over the past two years is that when it comes to traffic, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.


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