Learning to Play the Violin? 5 Benefits of Training With a Master

How to Use Virtual Classrooms for Unmatched EngagementYou purchased the violin and bow, along with some training books to help get you started and now you’re all ready to begin learning to play your beautiful instrument… or are you? It’s been said that it is harder to “unlearn” bad training than it is to learn something new 生涯規劃證書. Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to get professional training to help you become the master of your craft? Here are 5 benefits of having a violin teacher.

Proper posture as well as correct placement of the violin under the neck are crucial to successfully mastering the violin. When you are just starting out, even a minor deviance from the proper way of holding the violin can have a huge impact on your training advancement, as well as leave you feeling exhausted after a session. Having a teacher from the start builds a strong foundation for further training.

Any new learning adventure produces questions… there is just no way around it. Sometimes a book will have the answers you may seek, but not always. You can even search the world wide web for answers to your questions, but you may have problems understanding everything you are reading not only because you are a beginner, but maybe the information is not explained well enough. Having a teacher who is available for questions is much more important than you may realize at this moment. It is so frustrating when others who are less skilled, experienced, and expert in their field are achieving the accelerated growth you only dream about. Why is this? Sometimes just being a “professional” is stopping you before you even start.

That sounds peculiar until you realize that being a professional comes with a lot of mental baggage that interferes with achieving success in business. What seem like positive attributes of being a professional actually collide with the need for marketing.

As a professional, you are caught in the trap of believing that the reality of growing your business is that you have to sacrifice your integrity and credibility and resort to “chasing after clients. ” This idea is anathema to you. As a result, you are reluctant to put yourself out there because it is equivalent to “selling yourself” which is too crass to even contemplate. “Asking for business” is paramount to “hustling. ” This mindset is one obstacle.

Perhaps you have put a toe in the marketing waters but so far your strategies have not attracted prospects. Or, if they have, they have not managed to take your leads and convert them into clients. Somehow the strategies you do have seem inadequate to effectively rivet prospects on you. They do not show that you are unique in your expertise and experience. They do not tell prospects that you understand what they want and how you can give it to them. This is a second obstacle.

The problem many, not just professionals, have is not using marketing strategies that connect with the prospect, not only emotionally but also psychologically. It is easy to forget that everything you do as a professional should be client-focused. That is, you have to get outside your being the expert to being other-oriented, creating rapport, trust, and relationships. You want prospects to see you as an authority but only in regard to your providing them with information and solving their problem. This is a third obstacle.

This is not to say that you are responsible for your college and professional training emphasizing a high skill level as what matters most. While it is important, it is not nearly so important as knowing how to attract prospects and turn them into loyal clients who refer. Your education did not communicate how to create and develop your practice. This is a fourth obstacle.

If they had done so, you would be less marketing reluctant because you would know that marketing is not “selling. ” Instead, it is sharing something valuable that clients desire. You would be educating prospects on how to alleviate risk and derive benefit by hiring you to solve their problem. And you would be doing it with dignity, integrity, and client appreciation.

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