Offline Marketing – Innovative Methods to Get Free Traffic to Your Website

Do you know what offline marketing is? Well, just like it implies it is marketing this is only offline. It is marketing that is in the “real world” and not the virtual one. This can mean many, many different ways of marketing which are too many and too detailed to cover all of them here.

But, I will cover a small portion of what you could do to generate some website traffic for your site for free with offline methods. Lets first set the stage for your promotion. Lets say you are selling a “how to make money” program that is targeted at people who are in need of some additional cash.

First, I would go to all of the local laundrymat and put up a flier on their bulletin board stating you discovered a way to make money fast from the comfort of your home working only a few hours a day. Granted, you will plug in your own information here since I am just making it up for this example.

But on your flier you will have little tear off tabs with your website address listed on it. I would make up a lot of these and hang them up at the laundry mat, bars, grocery stores and any other places you can think of people who are financially strapped go to.

Second, I would write a press release myself and target the local television, radio and newspapers in your area. Fax each of them the press release with a note that you are available to do a phone in interview or can meet with them in person.

This will get you some local expose fast on TV or the radio and also the local papers that usually come out with their newspapers weekly. This is going to get you a rush of traffic since most people put a lot of faith in the “truth” of the big 3 meaning tv, radio and newspapers.

Third, print up some more of those fliers which should cost you next to nothing to print and go to a local shopping mall and start putting the fliers on all of the cars in the parking lot. Also, go to the local unemployment office and put the fliers on all of the cars in the parking lot there as well.

Some of these methods may sound like a lot of work and they are to a point. But if you want offline traffic generating methods there is no better way to do it. Internet marketers cannot afford to think that their business is completely online because these days it’s not. There are many ways to drive traffic to a website and the more that you think out-of-the-box the more likely it is that you generate strap

The possibilities to generate website traffic are endless, but do not neglect socializing with real people because word-of-mouth is a very powerful tool. Socialize with people who have the same interests and watch your traffic grow. Not only are you involved with a real human beings rather than sitting at your computer, but you are meeting a few potential clients, customers and even JV partners.


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