Recycled Thermal Paper – An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

For many years now, thermal paper has been in use in the POS and retail industry in the United States and around the world. Though this type of paper has proved to be of immense use to humanity, its environmental impact is considerable.

Typically, thermal paper is a paper roll or sheet that is impregnated with a combination of a dye and acid that changes color when exposed to heat. Since it consists of these chemicals and also requires the use of virgin paper from mills, discarding this type of paper in the environment can be a hazardous proposition. One of the main concerns of this paper is that it contains high levels of Bisphenol A, which acts as an endocrine disruptor.

To mitigate the harmful effects of this paper on the environment, there is an economic and friendly alternative in the form of thermal recycled paper. As the name suggests, recycled thermal paper is made from 30% post-consumer waste, which is actually the garbage that people routinely discard in many ways. Though the paper is less bright than non-recycled paper, the printing that takes place on it using the normal thermal printer is actually very dark black and legible too. The Recycled version is now a favorite with many retail and consumer stores as well as with many businesses and industries already. Besides the United States, recycled thermal paper is very much accepted in other countries around the world.

Though this recycled paper consists of a certain percentage of consumer waste, users prefer this paper due to lower costs of recycled thermal paper, which is similar in performance and even quality. There are a lot of advantages of using the recycled version, as the environmental benefits are huge. The use of this recycled paper also saves natural resources and also helps in keeping the planet greener. Other aspects of this recycled paper such as comparable performance and lower prices make it sensible enough for every business owner to make the switch.

Presently, the use of thermal paper is widespread. Also, 收銀機紙 require it by the truckloads. This paper finds use in many businesses as well as state and municipal localities in the United States. It is also used for printing receipts and other sundry information. It also finds use in various sectors like hospitality, retail banking, gas stations, credit card processing, and medical industries. The use of recycled paper can help us save a large amount of natural resources and help these sectors go green for the ultimate benefit of humanity.

Thus, the change over to the environmentally friendly recycled thermal paper can help us conserve the environment. Many companies engaged in the manufacture of this paper ensure that the virgin pulp component is sourced from certified mills that employ sustainable forest practices. These companies also provide a recycled core for the roll rather than plastic. Delivery of the product is also done in 100% recycled cartons. They also arrange to print the company’s logo and recycled seal at the back of the rolls so that it promotes the client company’s environmental commitment.

Therefore, the use of the recycled version can be an advantageous proposition in the long run. Let’s do our bit to save the environment!

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