The History of Online Poker

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Online poker is the solution for those who are unable to host a weekly game of poker with their significant other. Online poker is now available. You don’t need to be in your basement eating stale Fritos and drinking six packs of Pabst Blue Ribbon to play poker. The internet has made it possible to play poker from your computer. Online poker rooms are a relatively new phenomenon. They have been around for ten to twelve years. This is just a small child compared with the 200-year-old history of face-to-face poker.


Online poker was preceded in part by online gambling like sports-orienting betting (early 1990s) and online casinos (mid 1990s). Planet Poker, now a smaller company, opened the first online poker site in 1998. Paradise Poker was established a year later. They were 메이저사이트 able to use innovative software and effective advertising to position themselves as leaders in online poker. Poker Spot was the first site to offer tournament play in 2000. This site was unfortunately shut down due to technical problems.


Paradise Poker was the most popular poker firm until 2003, when it became mainstream. The World Poker Tour was broadcast on the Travel Channel. It received the greatest ratings ever recorded by the network. This led to an unprecedented rise in popularity of poker and also the birth of another online poker company. Party Poker created a clever advertising campaign that was broadcast during the World Poker Tour. They are now the dominant online poker company, holding almost half the market share.


After the ratings booms at Travel Channel, other networks like ESPN started airing live poker as part their regular programming. Celebrity Poker is still very popular. These shows led to a rise in popularity and visibility for poker. The fact that online players were qualifying for major tournaments was inspiring to many viewers. Online poker was a big topic in 2003 and 2004, when Greg Raymer and Chris Moneymaker, both online poker players through Poker Stars, won the World Series of Poker. This was a great way to advertise, as 6,000 people entered the World Series of Poker through online play in 2005.

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