The Purpose of “Input” is For “Output”

In today’s IT society, please be careful not to be over “input”.

Some researches revealed that someone in the ancient time may use a lifetime to collect a certain amount of information. However, for the same amount of information, we can collect today in just one day.

Even though passing the day normally, we are still in the situation of “input”. It’s quite easy to lose the balance. We only can use “output” to regain the balance.

Performance is “output”. It is an “output” activity to public using the uniquely self.

The know-how-collectors are now everywhere in the world. Most of them are people who love studying books, participating many seminars to gain enormous amount of knowledge. However, there is none “output” at all. As a result, this causes the unbalance.

No matter how much knowledge they gain, they will not be able to become “Players”. However, they will be the “Critics”.

The “Critics” I mention here are those who keep doing “input”, but no “output”. They will not be able to gain the experience and “connect” their knowledge to people.

The “Players” I mention here are those who do “input” keluaran sgp  for the sake of “output”. Some researches revealed that if you are aware of the “output”, your learning speed will be four times faster.

“Players” will take the action to use the knowledge to gain knowledge. And, with the successes and failures of actions, the knowledge will become something exclusively belong to one.

Action may bring failure, however, it just the path to the success.

As long as you take the action, your surroundings will produce the incredibly charming attraction. Talents, information and money will naturally be attracted by this attraction.

Simply regain the original balance; you may realize you can easily utilize the naturally existing energies in the world; and you may realize this is the shortcut of discovering the power of “connecting” people.


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