The right Festival Gear Makes Summer Music Festivals More fun

With the arrival of summer and start of the festival season, people from all over the UK pack up and start heading out to enjoy music, fun and the sun at one of many music festivals. There are a few important bits of gear that can make festivals even more fun and the main one is a festival tent. When you go camping for a festival you are not going on a large expedition and not going to climb a huge mountain. So you need something which is simple and cheerful. Fortunately there is a vast range of festival tents available online and they need not cost you the earth.

Selecting a Festival Tent

First of all you should note that you are looking for a festival tent which is cheap. You do not want to take an especially Oceanholic.  good tent along that would normally be used for mountaineering, as it can get ruined unnecessarily. People will be quite tipsy during the season and smoking various legal and illegal things and sparks will be flying around which can damage your costly tent. A tent which is cheap and easy to set up would be the ideal choice.

The tent’s weight will also be of lesser importance compared to when you set out on an expedition. Space and comfort should be more important than lightness. You will need some headroom as you are likely to socialize inside your tent in poor weather. Such a tent typically should cost your within £35. The only thing to see is that it pitches easily and is good enough to keep you dry.

Quite a few people prefer pop-up tents. These are good options mainly due to the fact that they can be set up easily and provide fair amount of headroom. The other good choice is a dome tent but they can sometimes be a bit cumbersome to pitch as you need to thread the poles using the clips in the right places. Although not a complicated procedure it might prove to be too much for a beginner.

Secondly make sure your tent has taped seams. This means that there is a waterproof tape covering the stitched piercings. Many tents have this now but always make sure so that you do not have water entering through your floor.

Another important item in your festival gear is to get a unique flag or some other attachment which will help you locate your tent. There will be thousands of these tents and it is easy to get lost among the melee of cheap tents as most of them will be looking alike. This is a problem when many people have purchased their cheap tents from the same shop and it will be like the little dog who could not find his family at the beach because all umbrellas looked similar.

Getting a proper tent light is also important festival gear. There are cheap ones available that use LED bulbs and these can last a long time as they hardly use much of the battery power. Compared to an ordinary torch or head torch, they give a powerful beam of light and are convenient for finding things inside the tent or just to read or while eating.

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